Close Menu. Lindy, Logan, Jasmine, Garrett and Delia are back with more wild, non-stop adventures! The gang decides to give up their phones to see who can last longest without it, Jasmine tries to make her ex-boyfriend jealous by fake dating Logan, and Lindy and Logan find themselves in a jam when they accidentally destroy a football signed by Dick Butkus! How will they explain their way out of this one!? More purchase options. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon. Episodes 10 Sort by Episode number Newest episodes Available to watch. Phone Challenge.

I Didn’t Do It Cast

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Ultra-competitive fraternal twins Lindy and Logan Watson, together with their four best friends, navigate their freshman year of high school. Each episode begins with a comedic “what just happened? The series utilizes flashback scenes to tell the siblings’ unique stories. At their first day of high school, twin siblings Lindy and Logan Watson meet the football team’s quarterback Seth Wall, to whom Lindy instantly crushes on, while Logan wants to befriend him in order to make his and Garrett’s lives during high school much easier.

When their parents travel out of town for work, each of the two siblings think of a party that will bond them with Seth, but their parties are arranged on the same night and end up conflicting. Things get worse when they believe that their babysitter has died and they don’t have a chance to cancel the party.

Disney Channel’s “I Didn’t Do It” – Season Two

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Here Comes a Breakthrough by disneychannelfansunite After The Rescuers performed their first gig at Rumble Juice, everyone was so impressed by their talents that Betty began scheduling more performances.

Dec 23, – Cast Photos Of Sarah Gilman as Delia, Austin North as Logan, Olivia Holt as Lindy, Peyton Clark as Garrett and Piper Curda as Jasmine. See more ideas about I Didn’t Do It Star: City of Hope Supporter Peyton Clark, Piper Piper Curda and Stefanie Scott Peyton Clark, Stefanie Scott, Going On A Date.

End id. No one is trying to become famous, no one dances, sings, or acts. I thought the show was going to suck but I was actually very pleased when I started watching it. Who could resist that sweet little face? I may not be able to move clouds but I can certainly do the next best thing and flip on some lights. Little human to the rescue! People who complain that they want old Disney back, they literally mean the Disney that aired shows back when they were younger.

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I Didn’t Do It, Vol. 4

Tom Bingham Dwight ex-boyfriend Erin enemies on Jasmine’s side. Piper Curda Saylor Curda little Jasmine. Over the years, Lindy was an unpopular girl, but became popular in her high school years. Jasmine helps Lindy stay grounded after her newfound popularity.

Watch I Didn’t Do It Season 1 full episodes with English subtitles Logan and Jasmine create a spray that makes vegetables taste better and more appealing.

Skip to Content. The show entertains more than it teaches kids anything, but there are some fleeting feel-good messages about the better aspects of having siblings. As the title implies, the show plays up the sibling rivalry between twins Lindy and Logan and puts them at odds with each other when it’s time to come clean about the messes they make.

There’s a lot of finger-pointing between the two and among their friends , and there’s rarely consequence for the excessive mischief they cause. But there are also some sweet moments when they act on their true loyalty to and fondness for each other. Lindy and Logan can be competitive, jealous, and underhanded with each other, but when push comes to shove, they have each other’s backs. All of the teens let their appetite for fun cloud their better judgment with some pretty comical results and the parents’ mostly subdued reactions are hardly realistic.

Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus. Parents need to know that I Didn’t Do It is a sitcom that’s built around a comically contentious relationship between twin teens who are forever getting themselves into outrageous messes with their friends. While there’s plenty of sibling rivalry which often escalates the day’s mischief , there are also some sweet moments of admitted affection between the brother and sister.

Their messy adventures never garner the kind of repercussions they would if they were brought on by your kids, and you’ll find the parents are unrealistically lenient in their reactions to the day’s follies. Kids won’t be bothered by these kinds of details, of course, but they’ll get some laughs and might just pick up on the message that siblings can share nicely if they put their minds to it. Join now.

Jasmine & Isaac

The comic misadventures of five teens, including fraternal twins, are explored in this comedy that begins each episode at the end of a situation that went absurdly wrong and goes back to explain what happened. The comic misadventures of five teens, including fraternal twins, are explored. In the opener, a house party spirals out of control. A birthday party at one of the gang’s favorite childhood places spins out of control.

The last episode of I Didn’t Do It is called “The Rescuers” and Disney describes the plot this way: Meanwhile, Jasmine finally figures out her feelings for Logan. Series co-star Sarah Gilman posted the above photo and an emotional And you cut the show right after logan and jasmine starting dating. comon man not cool.

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I Isaac met Jasmine when we were both 14 years old. She was a student and friend of my mom who taught art at Doherty Highschool at the time. My mom recruited her along with a handful of other students to help paint a mural for Irving middle school; my brother and I, as two of her sons, were recruited as well.

I never again wish to put Jasmine through the heartbreak I did during that time. to save my first kiss for my wedding day), and honestly speaking, Isaac and I first met Logan in high school, and it did not take long for him to.

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It was all based on piano and I’ve got a habit of making quite melancholic songs. And then Zedd brought his Zedd-ness to it — you made it quite positive. It was really beautiful and it actually made me have a different outlook on the song because I was being a bit negative. I think Zedd did write on it, because he switched the whole meaning, for me personally.

Jasmine: Not long ago!

logan x jasmine

And with all the obstacles in their way, will Logan and Jasmine ever become a couple? No matter what goes wrong, you can bet that these five best friends will have a story to tell! View in iTunes. Lindy plays matchmaker with Garrett and the new girl in school, Hayley.

The latest Tweets from Logan & Jasmine 😉 (@LoganJasmine_). Hey It’s Jasmine & Logan fan account of I didn’t do it.:) @austinnorth55 @pipercurda so cute I Didn’t Do it – The Rescuers pics of #Jogan kiss!!:

Close Menu. Hang out with five best friends who can totally explain what just happened Jasmine and Delia head over to the Watson home for a “wild” slumber party, Garrett gets a messy job at Rumblejuice and Lindy begins a secret relationship with a guy from the rival high school. And what will Jasmine do when she discovers that the gang knows her big secret – she likes Logan! More purchase options.

By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon. Episodes 11 Sort by Episode number Newest episodes Available to watch. Slumber Partay! Subtitles Subtitles.

The BEST Episodes of I Didn’t Do It (2014)

There have been some rumors about him dating Camille, but that’s only on the show. Logan and Makenzie didn’t confirm ir yet. So we know that Logan is free.

Read Common Sense Media’s I Didn’t Do It review, age rating, and parents guide​. Along with their best friends Jasmine (Piper Curda), Garrett (Peyton Clark), and Lindy and Logan discover that getting older doesn’t necessarily mean getting Premiere date: January 17, ; Cast: Austin North, Olivia Holt, Piper Curda.

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YouTube Star Logan Paul Is “So Sorry” for Filming Dead Body, VOX Teens React

Misadventures of siblings who in each episode compete via flashbacks to explain why they are not the one responsible for the most recent disaster. Down to Latest Season. Printable Guide TVmaze. Show Summary TVmaze.

Henderson? Maybe because I see a picture of Logan kiss Victoria. Does Logan Henderson like Victoria Justice? Why do you Logan and Makenzie didn’​t confirm ir yet. So we know that his girlfriend? no, he’s currently dating Jasmine​.

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Jasmine & Logan – True Love

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